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You Don't Get What You Don't Ask For

If its a Catholic event and you didn't hear it promoted on WLCR, it is likely because we weren't asked to promote it. We tend to be generous with air time and liberal in trades, but often groups forget to let us know. If we figure out what is happening in time, and realize that no request has been made, we sometimes try to contact the group for permission to promote events of interest to our audience. It is always helpful, however, if our friends inquire of event planners as to whether someone has or will be contacting WLCR.

We Can Help You Promote Your Event

Our mission is to promote the faith that Jesus gave to his apostles and they have passed on to their successors down to this century -- the Catholic Faith. We'll be glad to consider any request but all on-air material is subject to station policy regarding content.

Catholic Spiritual Events

If you are conducting a Catholic teaching or spiritual event without charge, we will gladly assist you with promotion free of charge. That's why we exist.

Works of Mercy 

If your event is a corporal work of mercy (Catholic or non-Catholic) and offered without charge and not contrary to Catholic faith and morals, we will likewise promote your event free of charge if time permits.

Other Events and Mattters

When we undertake to do good works, we sometimes think only of ourselves doing that certain good. We set it all up and only later consider asking others to contribute to "our" effort. An alternative may be to consider, early on, how you might join with other Catholic groups as part of doing your particular good work.
For example, you might decide to have a conference and invite a lot of people to come.  You might choose the speakers and the message carefully, and then, after it is all set in stone, you suddenly realize that you could use some support from others. You might call them up and ask them for help, or money, or to promote your event for free.
If you thought a little further ahead, you might have reserved a little space and after the plan was all set up, you tried to sell them an advertisement in your program or a banner on your wall or maybe even a table at your conference.
If, on the other hand, you are really thinking big, you might, in the planning stage, realize that there are other groups who share your zeal and who might want to be involved from the ground floor -- true collaboration.
In advertising, for example, this is how Thunder Over Louisville, gets put together. The groups that provide major support for Thunder are always displayed in advertising for Thunder. This promotes all the supporters of Thunder to the public in a way that benefits not only Thunder, but the supporters as well. The supporters are included from the very beginning.
The take-away concept here is to contact us early (before all the details are finalized) to discuss ways to cooperate and collaborate.

Cooperation and Collaboration
Now for WLCR, we have one thing to offer -- promotion -- and we have little ability to promote ourselves in the community without great expense. We can, however, promote your event to our existing audience in many ways: air time, email lists, web-stream time, website advertising, a community calendar, etc.
Joint and Shared Advertising
What would benefit us most is to be listed or identified in advertising going out to the rest of the world, that is, to be listed on ads out in the community as a "supporter" or "co-sponsor" of events and activities. If WLCR is listed as a supporter or sponsor in the ads that other people put in The Record or the Courier-Journal or in other media, then we get more exposure. In some cases we may be willing to share in the production or cost of that kind of advertising. Frankly, if your event is a fundraiser, it is only fair that you consider helping those who help you.
In exchange we can promote the event to the core of the Catholic listening community, by radio, webstream, websites, email lists, and mailings. Collaborating doesn't cost your group much at all and it is a great benefit to WLCR. It is a benefit for which WLCR will trade ads or psa’s, and in some cases will pay to participate or raise money for your group!! We'd love to trade our advertising/psa time for some "cross promotion" getting WLCR/Holy Family Radio identified in the community.
This is not to say that we won't run spots for free for spiritual events. We will. It is only to open the door to broader, more inclusive thinking in the Catholic community.
Fundraisers and Pay Events
If your event is a fundraiser or you charge for your event, we generally offer at least two easy options: purchase or trade. You can purchase advertising in accordance with our current rate (subject to your persuasive negotiation) or you can trade with us, promoting WLCR in you outside advertising, in your publication, or at your event, in trade for our promoting your event in the ways we can.
We will also consider trading for tickets for giveaways for appropriate events. WLCR is open to a range of things from being mentioned as a supporter to joining with you to organize events, including fundraisers for you. How can we help you fulfill your goals? Be creative.

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