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WLCR would like to help you promote your event and promote Catholic radio at the same time. If you are conducting a Catholic teaching or spiritual event without charge, WLCR would like to assist you with announcements free of charge. If your event is a corporal or spiritual work of mercy, offered without charge, WLCR will also promote your event free of charge if time permits. If your event is a fundraiser or you charge for your event, WLCR would be happy to trade with you or sell you advertising. We welcome your proposal.


Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Name of Parish or organization:

Contact Person:


City, State, Zip Code:


We ask WLCR to Announce:

The location of the event will be:

The date of the event is: , time:

Please advertise on dates from to .

To be honest, we are paying cash for advertising on other radio stations or media.

This is a Catholic spiritual event, please promote it free of charge;

 We will pay for the spots according to your current rate card,

We can pay $ and we will provide the following as a trade: or

We will provide the following as a trade:

                Estimated Value: $

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