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THU Morning 11:00 AM (Encore SUN 4:30 PM)


Kentucky Right to Life Update
with Margie Montgomery

Pro-Lifers Must Re-elect Trump to Save Babies
Margaret Sanger's Statue Should Be Removed
PP Leaders Admit Under Oath to Harvesting Aborted Baby Body Parts
Clarence Thomas Claims Consitution Does Not Support Abortion
Pro-Life Groups Slam Chief Justice Roberts for Selling Out Unborn Babies
Ireland Kills 6,666 Babies in Abortions During First Year of Legalized Abortion
Over 400 Pro-Life Laws Passed Since 2010 and Abortions Dropped 50%
PP CEO Cheers SCOTUS Ruling Letting it Kill More Babies
Celebration of Life Banquet - July 16, 2020 - Crowne Plaza Louisville 6pm

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