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WED Morning 11:00 AM (Encore SAT 4:00 PM)
Fr. Leger
The Spiritual Combat
(according to Lorenzo Scupoli)
with Fr. Leger
Download the Text Here: The Spiritual Combat (48 pages)

THU Morning 11:00 AM (Encore SUN 1:00 PM)


Kentucky Right to Life Update
with Margie Montgomery

Trump Cabinet Appointments
Hollywood Censors Gosnell Movie
CNN Shuts Down Guest Who Mentions PP Body Parts Scandal
Kellogg Pulls Ad from Pro-Life News Website
Abuse of Assisted Suicide Laws and Pressure to Euthanize Patients
CDC Study Says Teen Virgins are Healthier than Sexually Active Peers
Court Allows Anorexic Woman to Literally Starve Herself to Death
State Requirement to Bury Aborted Babies
Utah Pro-Life Bill

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THU Afternoon 4:30 PM (Encore SUN 3:00 PM)

Mike Janocik

The Mike Janocik Show
Peter Bartley - Catholics Confronting Hitler

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