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WED Morning 11:00 AM (Encore SAT 4:00 PM)
Fr. Leger
A More Excellent Way
with Fr. Leger

WED Afternoon 5:00 PM (Encore SAT 12:30 PM)

Riccioli's Map of the Moon

Science and Catholicism
with Christopher Graney
Edward Davis - Inspired Science; Robert Boyle (Encore)

Prof. Howard Mielke, Tulane University: Lead and Crime - Part 1 (Encore)

Prof. Howard Mielke, Tulane University: Lead and Crime - Part 2 (Encore)

Jeffrey Diller, University of Notre Dame, on Mathematics (Encore)

Paul Vincelli of UK: Talking Climate Change with Kentuckians (Encore)

Star of Bethlehem: A Dance of the Planets (Encore)

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THU Morning 11:00 AM (Encore SUN 1:00 PM)


Kentucky Right to Life Update
with Margie Montgomery

This week:
Democrats Unanimously Re-Elect Pelosi as House Minority Chair
Dems Refuse to Allow Pregnant, Disabled Congresswoman to Vote from Home
Pope Francis Condemns Abortion
A Nurse Teaches You How to Starve to Death
Family Adopts 6 Day Old Embryo
NJ Assembly Votes for Doctor Prescribed Suicide

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THU Afternoon 5:00 PM (Encore SUN 3:00 PM)

Mike Janocik

The Mike Janocik Show
Trent Horn - Persuasive Pro-Life
Leighton Steward - Obama vs NASA Scientists on Global Warming

No Show - Thanksgiving

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