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THU Morning 11:00 AM (Encore SUN 1:00 PM)


Kentucky Right to Life Update
with Margie Montgomery

Metro Council Buffer Zone Discussion
Congressman Steve Scalise Shot
Pro-Abortion Philosopher Named by Vatican to Pro-Life Academy
Did Doc Hasten Death of 8 Yr Old to Harvest His Organs
Preemie Baby Weighs As Much As A Loaf of Bread and Beats the Odds
National Right to Life Convention June 29-July 1, Milwaukee
KY State Fair RTL Booth, August 17-27
KRLA Walk for Life, September 9, Trinity High School
Kentucky State Conference, November 11

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THU Afternoon 5:00 PM (Encore SUN 3:00 PM)

Mike Janocik

The Mike Janocik Show
Fr. Mark Pilon - Islam

Fr. Joseph Fessio - Cardinal Sarah's Book: The Power of Silence

Jerry Salyer - Pagan Foundation of the American Alt-Right

Matthew Schmitz - Burying Benedict


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