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Help us inform others about why Catholic Radio is helpful. Write down your testimony about how Holy Family Radio has helped you grow closer to Christ and His Church. Your testimony may be read on the air at any time. If you wish to keep your testimony anonymous, please check the appropriate box.


Just found out I get perfect reception from my Alexa. Pleasantly surprised!
Submitted by: Nellie

Thank you for having the local mass times on your site! It was quick and easy for me to find a mass somewhere when I wasn't able to attend my own parish mass.
Submitted by: Karen

I have been a supporter of Catholic radio/WLCR for some time now, and now I can help financially. I'm praying that the station can raise funds either to go: a)FM or b)boost its wattage (maybe 50k) so that it can be heard where I live in the Lake Cumberland region of the state.
Submitted by: From Under the Rock

I am a supporter of Holy Family Radio because they do so much to teach us about our Faith. There are so many misconceptions about the Church and what She teaches. It seems that too often ex Catholics who were never even properly catechized are somehow considered experts on Church Teaching. They spread untruths like that Catholics worship Mary and sometimes that Catholics are not even Christians. And people listen and believe! Some flock to mega churches because they have good music and are entertaining or have good programs for teenagers and a lot of parking. Many end up wandering from church to church and often quit going all together, seeming to know that something is missing but they don't know what. No Sacraments--no Liturgy! They don't know what they have lost because they were not properly taught what they had in the Church that Jesus Christ Himself founded. WLCR tells us what the Church REALLY teaches and helps us realize that we are not alone in our struggles and frustrations that are a part of the times we live in. My late husband Mike Targonski entered the Church at St. Rita's in 2002 partly because of Catholic Radio and some great Priests! We need Catholic Radio! I would be lost without it!
Submitted by: Mrs. Cathy Lawrence Targonski

I want to thank you so much for your years of faithful service to our community. I am so thankful for WLCR, it has been a great force of good in mine and my family's life. Whenever we get in the van we turn it on and always come away from our trip inspired or enlightened in some way. God bless you Vince and all of you for your work and sacrifices. We'll try to remember to chip in more money toward the cause. God bless you. Adele and family.
Submitted by: Adele

What a blessing WLCR is to the Catholic community of Louisville! There have been many people, some of whom were wavering in their faith, who have come to appreciate the beauty and wisdom of the Catholic Church, and because of WLCR they are now defenders of the faith. Whenever a friend is riding in my car and I have WLCR on, I get to witness the impact it has on them! May God continue to bless WLCR in all that you do.
Submitted by: Tony

Thank you so much for this excellent program and service. I listen to it everyday and learn a lot that I don't receive at Church. You do good work. Thanks!
Submitted by: Christine

WLCR is such a gift to all. I love listening and am so proud of my Catholic Faith! I pray for more people to tune in. I canít imagine not having Catholic Radio available!
Submitted by: Mary

Being a semi-invalid, WLCR is my connection to the world in which Jesus came to establish His Church. Television is useless except for some of the news and weather. WLCR is also life changing with all of its programs. I feel connected daily to my church family which keeps me at peace with my physical limitations. Thank you WLCR and EWTN for being a holy anecdote to my illness.
Submitted by: Phyllis

I appreciate an outlet to honor my mother and grandmother who said the Rosary frequently. My grandmother, who was home bound, prayed the Rosary with help of a Radio program when I was small.
Submitted by: Anonymous

I love Holy Family Radio because it has taught me my faith. Because of your station, I know why I am Catholic. I am able to defend the Churchís stance on issues with the truth. Thank you!
Submitted by: Karen

I was unable to attend any Good Friday services, but my wife and I turned on your broadcast all day long! It was great programming! We werenít able to receive Communion, but this was the next best thing! Thanks again for all you do to spread Godís Word!!!
Submitted by: Dick

I enjoy this station. Keep up the good work. Hope to send in more donations in the future.
Submitted by: Frank

What a wonderful idea you had - a night on the Belle! I didn't see anyone who wasn't having a good time. Thank you for your kindness to us. We really appreciated getting to go. What I liked most about it was everyone there was of one mind, one heart. I know you struggle everyday to keep going. Try to realize the immense good you are doing for people. And I know God will take care of you. ~Your Grateful Friend, Sr. Mary Prisca
Submitted by: Sr. Prisca

I want to thank you for inviting me on the cruise of June 5th and offering me a complimentary ticket as well. I personally enjoyed everything very much and am sure all aboard felt the same way. Don't know when I'll be seeing you again but I do ask God to bless your efforts in prociding programs of a Catholic nature as you do. If God is for it, it will continue. God bless you in all ways.
Submitted by: Fr. Bernie Weber

How good you were to host the 10th Anniversary of Holy Family Radio and allow me to be a part. May God continue to guide and direct your efforts. Thank you for the thoughtful and generous gifts.
Submitted by: Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz


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