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Do you have a good voice?
Volunteers are needed to record materials from time to time. If you are willing to give us a half hour every now and then to make a recording or two, please call Jennifer at (502) 451-9527 to let us know you can help.


If you know of news or announcements in your parish or group, send them in by email.


Does your parish have WLCR cards, schedules or flyers in the back of church? If not, pick some up from us, or call and we'll mail them to you! Ask the pastor first, of course, and if "no", let us know why not.


If your group is hosting an event, consider pushing for WLCR to co-sponsor the event! We can provide advertising on radio and host details, instructions and brochures on the web site. 'Co-sponsoring' means working together like Catholics should! Be sure and push for this in your groups and clubs!

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