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When I use my (Android) smart phone for listening to music and the radio while taking walks, I have been unable to get the streaming audio from the WLCR website. However, I recently found that if I download the "Tunein Radio" app (Android, free), then I can scroll down to "Talk", then to "Religion & Spirituality", then to "Catholic Talk", and then to "WLCR", and then I can listen to live streaming from WLCR.
With this app, people can also save stations in their "Favorites" section.
Also, even though the radio signal in a car is sometimes hard to hear, especially when driving under power lines and traffic lights, you don't have this problem with the app. I guess they get their streaming audio directly from the website. I've been listening to the station on my car radio quite a bit; but now I can hear it while taking a walk!
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