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We all make mistakes. We all fall short of holiness. For this
reason, God gave Jesus Christ full authority in heaven and
on earth and Jesus gave His Church the ministry of reconciliation.
Paul speaks about it in his letter to the Corinthinans. 2 Cor 5:18

In forgiving sins, the Holy Spirit acts through the Church.
John 20:23.

Praise God that this power has been given to men.
Matt. 9:8

If you haven't been to confession in the last month or decade,
it is time for you to go. Call your parish priest and be
reconciled to God and His Church.

    "He does not have God as his Father,
           who does not have the Church as his mother."

In Louisville, visit St. Louis Bertrand Church, 1104 S. 6th Street.
Confession available daily 11:15 - 11:45am.

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